Product Range

All Tray-dec products are cold rolled from high strength zinc coated steel coil conforming to AS 1397-2011 base grade G500. All coatings are to class Z275, giving a minimum coating mass of 275g/m².

Our profiles are available in three thicknesses; 0.75mm and 0.95mm for Tray-dec 60 and Tray-dec 300, and 0.95mm and 1.2mm for Tray-dec 80. The minimum yield strengths for each thickness are: 550 MPa for 0.75mm and 0.95mm, and 500 Mpa for 1.2mm. Tray-dec products can be supplied in any length, subject to the limitations of available transport and safe manual handling.

Traydec 80

Tray-dec 80 is a trapezoidal style of steel composite flooring and the strongest of all Tray-dec profiles. This profile allows for longer spans and thicker slabs, maximizing strength and fire ratings.

Unpropped spans range up to 4.8 meters and over 8 meters when propped. Longer spans require fewer support beams and allow larger beam spacing. The design includes pre-punched holes along the joining ribs. The sheets lock together with metal fasteners every 600mm. The inverted top rib allows for maximum concrete cover, increasing strength in composite action.

Traydec 60

Tray-dec 60 is an intermediate decking solution with mid-range spanning capabilities. It is lighter and a lower cost than larger profiled composite decking.

Both Tray-dec 60 and 80 have symmetrical trays that allow for simple and even placement of shear studs. Studs welded through deck optimise composite properties of the concrete slab.

Traydec 300

Tray-dec 300 is a flat soffit composite deck which interlocks with adjacent trays to act as tensile reinforcement and permanent formwork.

The flat soffit allows for a uniform slab thickness. Tray-dec 300 is ideal for buildings constructed of steel, concrete or masonry. Self-locking sheets interlock and snap in place and require no fasteners.

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