Stud Welding

Shear studs are used in composite construction to secure concrete to steel structural components.

Nelson shear studs are essential in transferring force between the steel beams and the concrete slab. The studs are welded to the beam, either bare beam or through the Tray-dec. This creates a stronger section to support the loadings applied to the finished concrete slab.

Tray-dec floors have been designed to maximise strength in the flooring system as well as accommodate for shear stud installation. To view physical properties of shear connectors used with Tray-dec floors, please refer to the appropriate tables found in the resources page. 

These tables include shear capacity and tension capacity in concrete.

Tray-dec 60 and Tray-dec 80 are both symmetrical interlocking trays allowing for single or double shear studs to be installed every 300 mm. 
Tray-dec 300 also allows shear stud installation at the same spacing.


Nelson shear studs can be welded on either side of the center rib depending on the position of the sheet with respect to the support beam. Refer to NZS 3404.1&2:1997 A2

The rib in the center of Tray-dec sheets makes installing double studs easy on smaller beams. Studs can be installed diagonally or in a straight line on either side of the center rib when double studs are required

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